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2010-11-04 03:55:08 by NonsenseWG

Hi, guys on Newgrounds.
I´m gonna build my Cartoon Empire here^^.
Haha just a Joke what I have to say is that my Cartoons:
first, are not that good because i just started cartoonanimating
and second, the more important thing, I am German so my Cartoons will also probably be it.
I put English Subtitles in it until my friends want to voiceact my Cartoons as in Englisch as in German.

But for now: enjoy^^


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2010-11-04 04:12:26

When will the first one be published. I want to see it. Also I'm a writer. I only speak English though. American English to be more specific.

NonsenseWG responds:

I HOPE the first short is gonna be released in the until next week. But it all depends on my friend who still has to dub his parts...


2010-12-24 13:11:54

Schließlich! ein deutscher Sprecher

NonsenseWG responds:

jaja^^ endlich mal ein deutscher auf newgrounds^^